In a bizarre election, one of the biggest #Election 2016 oddities was the Catholic vote. As Catholics rallied to support "pro-life" #Donald Trump and oppose "pro-choice" Hillary Clinton, their leader Pope Francis went the opposite way. Without naming names, the Pope warned against tyrannical governmental terrorism, fear-mongering and "false prophets." He alluded to un-Christian, anti-life Trump policies including a proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pope Francis comes out blue in Election 2016

The pontiff wasn't speaking ex Cathedra, nor did he openly declare himself pro Clinton/Pence. But he sure dropped a lot of hints that sounded strongly anti-Trump.

Francis said that tyranny can't find support without tapping into fears and "hence tyranny is terrorist." At the Third World Meeting of Popular Movements, Francis warned against taking "false security" behind social and physical walls that enclose some and banish and exile others. The leader of the Christian world told followers that fear-built walls do not please God and will eventually fall.

Election 2016: Papacy warns off un-Christian false prophet Trump

The papal warnings against Donald Trump were loud and clear. Francis unequivocally stated that anyone who wants to build a wall like the one between Mexico and the United States is not a Christian. He warned of being duped by false prophets who exploit fears and feelings of hopelessness. He blamed them for selling "magic formulas" of cruelty and hatred.

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He attacked "selfish welfare" and purveyors of "illusory security."

Election 2016 pits Catholics against Pope Francis

Traditionally, Catholics have voted mostly Democrat in keeping with their social justice teachings and Pope Francis is an old-school pontiff. The pro-life Catholic church has led the fight against abortion as one of those social ills. Of late, Catholics have become increasingly single-issue voters and made abortion the only litmus test for candidate support. They've allied with right-wing, evangelical, conservative, fundamentalist, Protestant Republicans. But church teaching leans to liberal, left-wing and socialism on other issues--capital punishment, immigration, gun control, foreign policy and money. Opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage are the only things Republicans and traditional Catholics have in common--and the Catholic church isn't nearly as anti-LGBT as other Christian denominations. #PopeFrancis