The viral video of a #Polar Bear petting a dog had everyone talking this week as it was amazing to see the polar bear acting like a gentle giant and the dog loving the attention. Today the same dog sanctuary is in the news again, but this time it is under much darker circumstances. The dog in the video lives in a dog sanctuary run by Brian Ladoon in Churchill, Manitoba, where a grim story emerges today.

This behavior demonstrated by the bear in the adorable clip wasn't what wildlife experts would expect to see. It wasn't long after this show of affection that one of the dogs was killed by a polar bear, according to Gizmodo.

Ladoon said that they feed the bears every night and the one night he didn't leave any food out for the majestic animals one of them killed and ate one of the dogs.

Video was deceiving?

It is not known if this was the horrific incident was between the same polar bear or dog seen in the video, but what is known is this could have been avoided. The bear petting this dog was a rare moment, but also a deceiving moment because if a polar bear is hungry, that dog is food. This Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary cares for Eskimo dogs, which is the breed of dog the bear was petting in the video. The night the dog was killed and eaten, they had nine polar bears wander onto the property, reports Fox News.

Keeping dogs chained up in polar bear country is just asking for trouble, they are sitting ducks with no escape.

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Feeding polar bears is against the law in Manitoba. It stands to reason that once these animals find a food source they will return. This is just what a group of polar bears did day after day at the dog sanctuary.

Cute turns to horror

Ladoon admits that he takes care of the polar bears by leaving them food out at night. Because of this when the food wasn't available that one night, a polar bear ate a dog. Now a dog is dead and the wildlife authorities needed to take the polar bear that killed it to a holding area. Along with the one bear, a mother polar bear and her cub also needed to be removed due to the behavior of the mother bear when food was put out by the sanctuary.

These two animals don't mix

According to Landoon he has "now been charged with everything... under the book." The situation of chaining up the dogs and feeding the bears in the same area was a recipe for disaster. A professor from the University of Alberta, Ian Stirling, calls the practice of feeding polar bears a "death sentence." Stirling said that calling a relationship between dogs and a polar bear "friendly" is a false sense of security and "can only lead to disaster." Which in this case it did. #Polar bear pets dog video #Dog killed by Polar Bear