Due to an outbreak of the Parvovirus, pet owners are warned to protect their Dogs in Marana, Arizona. The canine parvovirus (CPV) is a critically serious disease that is highly contagious and threatening to dogs. Puppies are more vulnerable to CPV, especially from birth to six months of age.

Parvo outbreak and the CPV disease

A parvo outbreak results from several dogs contaminated with the disease spreading it to countless other animals. What makes parvo so contagious is that it can be transmitted or transferred through simple things like the feet, hair and feces of an infected animal.

The longevity of the virus can be as much as five months if in contact with the feces of the infected dog.

The spread of the parvovirus tends to affect a dog’s intestinal tract, killing the healthy cells necessary for absorbing liquids and nutrients within the body. Over time, the disease can affect the heart. The most common symptom is diarrhea, sometimes present with a foul odor and blood. Other signs are fever, vomiting, and lethargy. Aside from all puppies, dog breeds susceptible to the parvovirus are Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Dobermans and some Coonhounds.

How to stop the parvo outbreak in Marana

Marana Parks and Recreation officials reported on Friday that veterinarians believe there is a parvo outbreak among many dogs in the area, some of which already died. To stop the spread of the disease, officials urge all residents with dogs to pick up after them in parks and other public areas. The Twin Peaks Veterinary Center states that they have already seen at least 20 cases with CPV.

At least one case originated from a dog park at Cortaro and Silverbell. Marana residents with dogs are urged to avoid that dog park altogether until it is deemed safe again.

Take precautions with your own dogs to ensure they are vaccinated against the disease and avoid areas with multiple dogs and close encounters. If contracted with the disease, immediate treatment is necessary to save the pet’s life.

Take precautions for the health of dogs in the Marana area and stop the parvo outbreak.

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