November 8, 2016 has been a big day for the American population. Not only was it the presidential election, but it was also the day when nine different states casted their votesto determine the legality of Marijuana. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Maine were all on the ballot for legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes as Montana, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Floridawere on the ballot for legalizing it for medicinal purposes. It was learned late Tuesday night that after 20 years of medical legalization, marijuana could now be used recreationally in the state of California.

California’s history

Marijuana has been used as a euphoric agent for thousands of yearswith its first documented uses dating back to 1200 BC in Asia. It made its way to the United States in the 16th century and in 1970, The Controlled Substances Act made it illegal to use marijuana medicinally and recreationally. However, in 1996, California was the very first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Since then, 25 other states have legalized it for medicinal and/or recreational purposes. On November 8, 2016 with Proposition 64, California became the sixth state to legalize it recreationally. This allows individuals over the age of 21 to grow up to six plants, as well as possess, buy, transport, and use up to one ounceof marijuana for recreational purposes.With California having thelargest marijuanamarket in the United States, this ispredictedtobenefit theeconomyby the billions.

Other states

Arizona voted against the legalization of marijuana earlier today. The other three states that are on the ballot for recreational use of the drug are expected to approve the new law. It is also currently expected that all five states on the ballot for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes will be approved.

Tuesday was a very interesting day for the American population. OnNovember 9, many Americans will wake up to a new president and with the possibility of legally consuming marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

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