President Barack Obama hashosted receptions in the White Housefor many, many winning sports teams, including college men teams and college women teams. He has especially taken joy in hosting Chicago teams, with the Chicago Blackhawks having visited three times during his eight years, and Obama has jokingly took credit for the NHL champions.

Because of an oversight during the Reagan years, the1985 Chicago Bears were also invitedduring Obama's tenure and had a great time in a great reunion at the White House. In the unlikeliest of political and sport years, theChicago Cubswill be coming to the White House before the end of Obama's term on Jan.

20, 2017. The date has yet to be determined and will depend on the schedule of the President.

President Obama calls Cubs manager Joe Maddon to congratulate the team

On a return flight from a couple of campaign events in Florida, President Obamagraciously extended an invitation to Chicago Cubs managerJoe Maddon to visitthe White House with his team for a reception.

This invitation is in spite of the fact President Obama is a longtime Chicago White Sox fan. But like many White Sox fans, there is a great source of pride in the accomplishments of the Cubs.

In addition to the phone invitation, President Obama also tweeted out an invitation.

Obama watched the game in his hotel room in Florida while on a campaign trip

The White House told the press corps that the President expressed to Joe Maddon how proud he was of the team, and how much he enjoyed watching theCubs break their 108-year curse that legend says was caused by a "Billy Goat." Bar owner William Sianis was denied entry into the 1945 World Series between theChicago Cubsand the Detroit Tigers.

Angry at the denial of admission of him and his goat, the bar owner place a curse on the team and said that they will not win another World Series. Years ago, the curse was said to have been lifted but took a few decades to kick in.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said in a press gaggle on Air Force One.

He confirmed the President watched the game in his hotel room. He said in spite of his being a White Sox fan, Obama "shares in the celebration of Chicago" and that he is proud of the Cubs, with good players and a good manager.

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