Noam Chomsky spoke with Mehdi Hasan in an interview earlier this week. Many of the viewpoints that the professor represented were ones that he had previously communicated in an interview with C.J. Polychroniou of from November 14th.

Similarities between the two interviews

For instance in both interviews Chomsky spoke to his opinion that Trump is an individual without any clear politics and that we don't have any idea what he will do as president when it comes to military operations. Furthermore, Chomsky re-pointed out that November 8th was not just the day of the American election, but a day when the World Meteorological Organization released a report suggesting that global warming would have devastating consequences for the human species.

The MIT professor re-lamented that the election debates did not significantly touch on important issues. Additionally, Chomsky spoke in both interviews about the rise of right-wing ultra-nationalists in Europe, political figures that feel emboldened because of Trump's victory.

In both interviews, Chomsky spoke to a reason for optimism regarding the future of progressive politics in the United States. Quoting from the Mehdi Hasan interview first: "One really dramatic result of the election, I mean apart from the fact that Clinton won by maybe 2,000,000 votes, is that among younger people Clinton was way ahead and Sanders had an overwhelming majority. That could be a positive portent for the future." That opinion was a similar one from his previous interview from November 14th with "Of some significance for the future is the fact that in the age 18-25 range, Clinton won handily, and Sanders had an even higher level of support.

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How much this matters depends on what kind of future humanity will face."

The discussion of numbers regarding the election results comes at a time when re-counts are being launched. Jill Stein of the American Green Party initiated the efforts earlier this week, efforts that may take some momentum. According to a CNBC article on November 26th "Hillary Clinton's campaign said Saturday it intends to back the statewide election recount effort in the battleground state of Wisconsin spearheaded by third-party candidate Jill Stein" (authors: Adam Howard, Alexandra Jaffe).

Chomsky compares Trump election to past

One separate point that Chomsky made had to do with his feeling following the election of #Donald Trump as compared to the election of previous presidents. In answering a Hasan question about the uniqueness of the Trump victory, Chomsky said "Well it may surprise you but one of the presidents who worried me most was Kennedy and in fact Kennedy brought us closer to nuclear destruction than anybody. Whether that'll happen with Trump, we don't know." Chomsky called Trump "extremely hazardous" and also saw something unique with the current president-elect in that he has no political experience heading into the presidency role. #NoamChomsky #MehdiHasan