The dust has started to settle from Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat and come January, Donald Trump will become President of the United States of America. That won’t be the only leadership shake up happening, however, as many Democrats reeling from the loss are looking to shake things up in Congress, and within the Democratic Party itself. Now long sitting Democrat house leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is also being questioned, and a group of House Democrats have moved to delay a vote for the House leadership.

Currently, a vote on the minority leader, minority whip, assistant minority leader, and Democratic Caucus chair positions is scheduled for November 17th. Several members of the House, however, are pushing to delay that vote. This would give representatives more time to consider whether a change in leadership is needed.

The vote was originally scheduled to take place after Thanksgiving. However, Pelosi moved the vote up after Clinton's defeat.

By doing so, mounting a challenge to her leadership has become far more difficult as any members of Congress who would want to challenge her for leadership won’t have time to actually do so.

Pelosi Out? Many Democrats pushing for change

Pelosi is aware of the push to delay any vote, and the reasoning is obvious enough. Many within the Democratic Party believe that fundamental change is needed in order to prevent similar losses in the future.

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Donald Trump

The dismantling of the Clinton machine has proven once and for all that the donor-focused, center-left Democratic Party that has emerged over the past few decades is no longer what voters want. Rightly or wrongly, Pelosi is associated by many with the old guard, and with pressure for change building, she could find herself on the wrong side of sentiments.

For now, no immediate changes in leadership have been demanded.

Instead the members of Congress are simply asking for time to consider whether a change is warranted.

So far, Democratic Representatives Seth Moulton (Mass.), Kathleen Rice (N.Y.), and Ruben Gallego (Ariz.) have openly signed the letter. It is believed that at least 20 Representatives in total have signed the request, but the names have not yet been released yet.

Change in Congress coming in 2017

Most analysts expect Pelosi to retain her leadership position.

Regardless, change is coming for democrats in the new year. Long-sitting Senate leader Harry Reid is due to retire at the end of his term, paving the way for new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer.

Within the Democratic National Committee, many people are calling for a radical shakeup, and progressive Keith Ellison currently appears to be the front-runner for the Chair position. Ellison was the first Muslim elected to Congress, and has a strong track record as a progressive.

He has called for less focus on donors, and more emphasis on direct voter outreach.

Ellison has been supported by out-going Senator Reid, and has also been endorsed by leading progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Sanders' insurgent challenge to Clinton during the primaries hints that many Americans are looking for a more progressive Democratic Party.

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