Tensions continue to rise in the United States in the wake of Donald Trump winning the election for President of the United States. Protests and riots broke out across the country following Trump's election and it seems that now Clinton supporter's are taking their grievances out on innocent people in the middle of the street. This escalation of events comes at a time when we need, more than ever, to come together as a nation.

Violence in the streets

It is unclear how this situation came to occur, at least from the video available.

The video begins with a white man being beaten in the street. Voices can be heard in the recording as well. An off-camera voice is heard yelling "Beat his a**!" and another saying "Don't vote Trump." Someone can also be heard saying "You gonna pay for that s***!"

The fight, or rather, the beating, took place on Wednesday morning (the day after election day) on the West side of Chicago at the intersection of South Kedzie Avenue and West Roosevelt Road, according to Chicago Patch.

The assailants, for whatever reason, let up on the man for a few moments and it seems that the man tries to go to his car to escape but is blocked by another member of the mob that is rifling through his belongings.

Following this the assailants begin throwing numerous punches at the man's face. Another, longer, video that can be seen over at Information Liberator has the song "F*** Donald Trump" playing. This video shows the man being repeatedly hit by several of the assailants at once. It goes on to show that one of the attackers takes of in the victim's car and it appears that the victim is unable to let go of the vehicle for whatever reason.

Attack is reminiscent of a lynching

One reporter at the Information Liberator, Chris Menahan, commented that the attack was "reminiscent of a lynching."

“This is unacceptable and must be condemned by everybody,” said Rev. Michael Pfleger, in response to the video. “Violence is never an acceptable response. Emotions are raw coming out of this election, but frustration, anger and despair do not give permission to be violent.”

Chicago police have reported that the victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition, and while no one was in custody as of Thursday morning, the Area North detectives are continuing to investigate this hate crime.

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