Donald Trump won the American presidency last night and it has thrown the United States into turmoil and shock. However, one progressive figure in USA that is not shocked has to be Michael Moore, the filmmaker. Moore wrote that the United States would elect Trump in a pre-election article, one that was largely dismissed until it turned out that his prediction was dead on accurate.

Moore gave several reasons for this viewpoint

One factor that Moore, who released a film on Trump a few weeks ago, claimed would sway the election was simply motivation. As Moore saw it in "5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win," Trump supporters would be far more likely to vote than people in "Black and Hispanic neighborhoods" because "everything is being done to literally stop them from casting a ballot." Moore also felt that there had been a shift in political stance in "Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin" which he viewed as "traditionally Democratic states." Trump did in fact win 48 electoral votes in those areas with Michigan's not accounted for at time of writing (ie.

Trump may have swept the four states Moore identified).

Moore also felt that Hillary Clinton, as a woman nominee for President, faced an extra barrier in a traditionally male-dominated American society (ie. Trump is the "Last Stand of the Angry White Man"). Furthermore, Moore argued that Hillary herself was simply unpopular for other reasons, claiming "nearly 70% of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest," perhaps a point related to a 'separate' point he made about Bernie Sanders' supporters not bothering to get out for Hillary (ie. voter apathy).

Lastly, Moore mentioned something he called "The Jesse Ventura Effect." Ventura, who was a professional wrestler and small-time movie star, became governor of Minnesota in the 1990s.

Moore called Ventura's victory "a good practical joke on a sick political system" and believed that many would vote for Trump for the same reason.

Michael Moore hasn't been quiet since the election results rolled in. After it became clear that Trump would win, Moore offered the following Tweet:

When Moore woke up this morning he offered a lengthy to-do list on Facebook.

His first goal before noon today was to "Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people." He listed four other things he had to do, which included turning off the commentators that "had a narrative they wouldn't let go of" regarding the election. He also sees the job of the Democrat as blocking Trump's efforts every day just as Republicans fought Obama.

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