Melania Trump is being punished for her husband's views as she gets ready to the move into the White House. This punishment comes via high fashion as a designer has made a public vow to refuse to dress the incoming First Lady and she has asked other designers follow suit. It looks like it's off to the racks of the department store for Melania if Sophie Theallet has her way!

Theallet made this vow via an email on Thursday in which she also stated how proud she was to have the opportunity to dress Michele Obama, but she won't do the same for Trump's wife. Theallet launched her own label in 2007 after years of working with top designers both in New York and Paris.

In 2009 she won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

Is this where you say... give me a break?

Melania, being a former fashion model continues dressing in the impressive labels today. She purchases her wardrobe online at the various boutiques around New York City. While her husband campaigned for president, Melania was seen in labels that included the fashion names of Gucci, Ralph Loren, Fendi, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana, according to AOL News.

According to Theallet, Michele Obama has contributed to the Sophie Theallet label as a label that is respected today. Theallet will not let her name be associated with anyone who represents what Melania represents.

The designer believes that her designer brand represents a stand against "discrimination and prejudice." Apparently she doesn't believe Melania would continue on with that reputation for the brand because of her husband's train of thought.

Lone fashion protester?

So far Theallet is the lone voice in this banning of clothes for Melania Trump! It is hard to believe that any designer wouldn't feel flattered to contribute to the First Lady's wardrobe, especially one who is known in the high-fashion world as a former top model.

It sounds as if this designer may have found a niche for free advertisement and also a way to appeal to those who supported Hillary Clinton. Maybe she believes this is one way to grab those rich supporters of Clinton who were devastated by her loss. It is one way to protest with dignity and a lighter wallet!

Walmart for Melania?

So is Melania looking at the Wal-mart flyers for attire today? Probably not, and she probably isn't going to lose any sleep over the woman who refuses to dress the in-coming First Lady. Already, Melania is starting a First Lady legacy for herself.

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