As she sat in the newsroom the night of the election, Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly did not look pleased with the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency. A video of Megyn on election night shows her nodding quietly.

Even though she agreed with the analysis, it's plain to see Kelly is nervous and not happy about the inevitable result. In the video, a co-worker points out the counties that went to Trump in 2016, which in 2008 went to President Obama.

Like many people, Kelly’s reaction to the Don’s presidency was astonishment and surprise. New York Magazine reported on Megyn’s feelings about Trump’s election: “I think you’ll never have a result this shocking, where people got it so wrong.”

The media, the public, and even many political analysts had predicted that Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton would win the election.

Trump also retweeted an insulting message about Kelly that called her a “bimbo.”

Kelly and others had been concerned about Trump’s misogynistic tendencies after a tape surfaced showing The Donald bragging to friend and media personality Billy Bush about being able to “grab women and kiss them” without asking first because he was famous. Billy Bush was later dismissed from “Good Morning America” for making similar comments on the tape.

Megyn VS Trump round one

If you ask hard-hitting questions, are you a journalist doing your job or just someone trying to bait your subject? That question became the focus of national attention when Kelly made one such hard-hitting statement during the 2016 Presidential Debates.

While moderating the first presidential debate, Kelly pointed out that GOP candidate Donald Trump had made degrading statements about women, including calling them "fat pigs," "slobs", and "bimbos," to which Trump unapologetically answered: "only Rosie O'Donnel."

Kelly became the target of Trump’s unkind words as well.

Shortly after the first presidential debate, The Donald gave a TV interview in which he used some colorful words to describe Kelly’s anger at his degrading comments: “She had blood coming out of her nose, blood coming out of her wherever…”

Many women took this as an insult and fired back with hashtags galore on Twitter denouncing Trump and stating that women’s periods were not a joke.

Megyn's daughter has also said she is afraid of Donald Trump, and according to reports, Trump's campaign has threatened and tried to bribe the news anchor.

Round two

The debate between Kelly and Trump was revived recently when Bill O’Reilly appeared alongside James Patterson on the CBS Morning News to promote their new book. O’Reilly was asked what he thought about Megyn Kelly’s accusations that a fellow Fox News anchor had sexually assaulted her.

O’Reilly retorted that Fox News was a great place to work, and that he had “no interest” in making Fox look bad or shaming it over Kelly's issue. He stated that he was also not interested in the way Kelly portrayed him in her new book detailing her sexual assault.

Trump retweeted the message calling Kelly a “bimbo” not long after she came out with her sexual assault accusations. The man accused of her assault, Roger Ailes, has since resigned from Fox.

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