When Megyn Kelly of Fox News "surprised" Donald Trump with the famous question/statement about women, it turns out that the President-elect knew in advance in a pre-debate tip off. According to the Associated Press, Kelly asked Trump about repeatedly calling women "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." Trump was not happy with Ms. Kelly, responding in an insulting manner in calling her a "bimbo" and talking about her menstruating cycle with the famous words: "Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever." That isn't all that happened, as Megyn Kelly has written a tell-all book, a memoir titled Settle for More to be released Tuesday. The Associated Press received an advance copy of the book.

President-elect Trump routinely tried to influence coverage with journalists

Megyn Kelly is host of Fox News Channel's "The Kelly Report," and reported in the book that it was routine for Trump to attempt to curry favor from her and other journalists and commentators. Trump didn't just use gifts to persuade the journalists and tilt coverage in his favor. She was offered free nights at his hotel, along with airfare.

Trump would also compliment them by stroking their egos. Ms. Kelly also said that some journalists would work in advance with Trump to make it look unbiased by asking a "hostile" question that was rehearsed in advanced. He would work with “certain TV hosts” and suggest criticism of himself so it wouldn't look so bad and that they were “in the tank” for him. She did not identify the journalists using such a practice.

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Donald Trump

Trump also used the lure of a "ratings bonanza" that his interview would bring because of his "unscripted, unguarded" approach that she referred to as the equivalent of "television crack cocaine."

Megyn Kelly did not accept gifts

Fox News executive Bill Sammon received a call from Trump saying that the first question aimed at him would be hard-hitting.

It made her wonder how he could know this, unless it was tipped by a Fox News source. However, Ms. Kelly insists that he did not know the question; just that it would be contentious. She also said she never accepted a gift from him, calling it an easy ethical answer to not accept in exchange for niceness to him. But the implication is clear other journalists did not see it so easily, although she has not identified them.

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