A spokesperson for the Marshall, Wisconsin School District issued a denial that an incident involving a six-year-old student and a copy of one of the “Rush Revere” books ever took place, according to The Courier, a local newspaper. The incident, reported by a parent calling into a Madison, Wisconsin talk radio show, suggested that his young son was told that he could not bring a copy of one of the books to school because it contained “inappropriate material.” The story caused Rush Limbaugh, the nationally syndicated radio talk show host to let loose his own condemnation of what appeared to be Book banning.

The statement reported that the school district had conducted an investigation of the matter and did not find any evidence that the incident ever took place. Indeed, the release went on to say that older students have been able to bring copies of the “Rush Revere” books to school and to read them without being asked not to. The statement said that in the past 15 years no book had been banned at Marshall public schools.

The conclusion of the school district is that the report is false.

Two possibilities come to mind.

The first is that the school district is engaging in denial, a common strategy for an institution having been caught doing something wrong.

The second is that the school district is telling the truth and it cannot find any evidence of the incident described having taken place. The one salient fact that seems to point toward this conclusion is that the father in question has not come forward to complain to the school nor had he tried to contact the school board.

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Unless he does come forward or some other piece of evidence surfaces, then the Marshall, Wisconsin school district has to be given the benefit of a doubt.

School is out across the United States for the rest of the week for the Thanksgiving Day holidays. For the same reason, Rush Limbaugh will not be on the air live on Thanksgiving but may broadcast the next day. It will be interesting to note what his reaction is and the writer will report it as it occurs.

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