Marijuana, cannabis, pot, or weed, it doesn't matter what it's called, in many parts of the United States, the much beloved herbal supplement is more legally protected than ever before. Voters across the United States who took up the question of Marijuana legalization and resoundingly answered in the affirmative when tasked with answering the question at the state level in U.S. electoral politics.

Marijuana politics take center stage in 2016 U.S Elections

Today, the United States is a very different place then it was yesterday and for voters in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Florida and North Dakota, the ability to access marijuana therapy, may be viewed as a central elevation of the liberty, justice and freedom which have been so central to the American story.

In each of these states, activists won their appeals to seek legitimacy for what for many has been an element of life for many years. While challenges still remain in regards to how these states will legislate recreational and medical legalization, the work has already begun in the states which have legalized in previous years.

For many across the United States, access to marijuana is a saving grace which offers tangiblehealth and wellness benefits which have increasingly been recognized by the medical community. Being able to legally buy the herbal supplement offers new opportunities to celebrate their way of life without running the risk of facing prosecution which in previous times could carry extremely stiff penalties which have always included fines, the loss of professional licenses, the ability to drive or even the possibility to be incarcerated.

These new shifts in drug policy mirror a national trend which has seen opinions towards marijuana therapy ease substantially in recent years. Gallup a highly respected polling firm which has covered the topic for more then 47 years, recently released data which indicates more than 60% of U.S. citizens support the legalization of marijuana.

Even the U.S. federal government has recently begun to affirm the medicinal benefits of the plant, a reversal of decades of prohibition which have been so central to the on-going war on drugs.

Nonetheless despite these victories, questions are still being asked about how a federal government led by Donald Trump will take up the issue.

Even under President Barack Obama, many legal grey areas existed which made adequate funding for medical marijuana research as well as recreational institutional questions such as financial regulation consistent concerns for producers and users alike. Despite these challenges, it seems today is a good day for millions who have been assured that their lifestyle choices are just a little bit safer and more protected.

Legalization of marijuana remains a salient justice issue

Marijuana is a central justice issue and the success of state wide activism seems to suggest a shift towards greater levels of personal freedom which ultimately benefit all Americans. At this time, resources need to be directed towards increasing medical research on this plant so that all it's truest benefits may be realized.

Regardless, for the citizens in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Florida and North Dakota, marijuana is more legal then it has ever been before!

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