Thomas Mair was sentenced to life in prison after the jury debated for 90 minutes. He was convicted of murdering British Parliament member Joe Cox and the mother of two children, on June 16, 2016 outside a library in the neighborhood of Birstall located in the city of Yorkshire, England. Joe Cox urged her friends to get away when Mair stabbed her and shot her three times with a .22 caliber sawed off rifle and stabbed her fifteen times with a knife. A passerby tried to stop Mair from murdering Joe Cox, but he was also stabbed with the knife.

The passerby was Mr. Bernard Kenny and he was able to survive the attack. Mrs. Cox was on her way to a election assembly to regain her seat in Parliament.

The Attack

Joe Cox was making her way around the Yorkshire area to regain her seat in Parliament after winning her seat against another Parliament member last year. She was on her way to the Birstall library where Mair walked up and began to stab her with the knife and then proceeded to shoot her with the rifle. The barrel of the gun was completely sawed off, which then led to the gun measuring only 12 inches when he attacked the British MP.

The gun used in the shooting was registered stolen in another part of Yorkshire not too far from Birstall. Mair shouted "Britain first" and "Keep Britain independent" throughout the deadly attack.

People who live in the neighborhood of Birstall knew Thomas Mair as a man who would do gardening around his house and mow his neighbor's lawns. Mair lived in the area for 20 years, but no one knew that he would commit such a heinous act against a British MP.

When he was arrested for the crime, he refused to work with the police. When Mair wanted to make a statement in court, Judge Alan Wilkie denied him the right to speak. He gave no explanation for why he attacked Mrs. Cox during the eight-day trial and never took the stand in his own defense. Evidence at the trial showed a man who was sympathetic to the white supremacist ideals of the Nazis during WWII.

There was also the mention of his computer searches which involved committing a plan to kill his own mother.

The Verdict

After 90 minutes and eight days of the trial, the jury found Mair guilty on the count of murdering British MP Joe Cox and the attempted murder of Bernard Kenny. Judge Alan Wilkie sentenced Mair to life in prison.

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