Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Air crash disaster, in which it fell out the sky and disappeared over the ocean en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 apparently did not have the wing flaps in a landing position. In a report released Wednesday, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said that the plane appeared to be out of control and satellite communications were “consistent with the aircraft being in a high and increasing rate of descent”

TheMalaysia Airliner theory that it ran out of fuel

Peter Foley, the director of the search reported in Canberra thatthe "aircraft wasn't configured for a landing or a ditching - you can draw your own conclusions as to whether that means someone was in control." Associated Press (Sydney) reported that the findings support the theory that no-one was in control and the plane flew on into a remote corner of the ocean before running out fuel and "plunging into the sea."

The findings were released following a meeting in Canberra, Australia, where Aviation experts gathered to "review evidence and decide whether to continue the search" for the Malaysian 777, reported 9 News.

Despite searching the Southern Indian Ocean for months over an area of 120,000-square km's there has been nothing found. Debris thought to be from the plane has washed ashore off Mauritius, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa over the past two years.

Search Operations may come to an end

In July 2016, Reuters reported that the search operations for the flight would probably be suspended after the current search is completed. No official announcement has yet been made that the search will end, but it is known that extending the search will require a further $30 million. Nine News point out that the Australian government has contributed more than $90 million towards the search.

The new information that the plane probably crashed straight into the sea, instead of gliding down in some kind of controlled descent, does at least dismiss to a large extent the theory by the Dutch company who have been leading the search, that they may have been searching the wrong area for years.

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