With the possible exception of a mentally disturbed mom in Fort Bend, Texas who put her seven-year-old boy out of the house for voting for Donald Trump in a mock school election, few people in America are as disappointed in the outcome of election 2016 an actress, producer, and public nuisance Lena Dunham. A fervent Hillary supporter, Dunham posted an account on her blog about her experiences on Election Day 2016.

She started her account thus, “I woke up on Election Day like a bride: rosy, thrilled, a little controlling about just how MY perfect day would be spent.”

If the prose seems a little too purple for the gentle reader, recall that this is the same woman who compared the first time she voted for President Barack Obama to the first time she had sex, a disturbing image to be sure.

In any case, she went to the Clinton election night party fully expecting to celebrate the election of the first woman president. The evening started in rapt anticipation. Then things began to take, for Dunham, a disturbing turn. “At a certain point it became clear something had gone horribly wrong. Celebrants' faces turned. The modeling had been incorrect. Watching the numbers in Florida, I touched my face and realized I was crying.”

The account of the election night meltdown is rambling and for the most part incoherent, to be compared unfavorably to the late Hunter S. Thompson’s drug-induced ravings about the closing days of election 1972 when George McGovern got an epic whipping at the hands of Richard Nixon.

It is a peek into the heart of darkness that is the soul of an entitlement-addled millennial.

It should be noted that Dunham had recently celebrated the coming extinction of straight, white men. How unfortunate for her that enough of that breed is left to go to the polls and deliver the mother of all defeats to a woman whose entire life is replete with crimes great and small, who thought she deserved to be president of the United States by her gender and her putting up with her sexually depraved husband.

Finally, Dunham inflicted a little petty revenge on the country that has proven to be such a disappointment to her. She will not, after all, flee the coming Trump Terror by moving to Canada. While out friends to the north cheer in celebration, America rolls its eyes in astonishment.

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