BeforeElection 2016 even comes to a close, the Donald Trump campaign is playing the blame the game. While current projections show a tight race, the Trump campaign is preparing for the worst.

Trump closes

Trump's controversial campaign style was enough to energize white conservatives throughout the Republican primary, as he surprised many by winning the party's nomination last July. The billionaire real estate mogul has been unable to duplicate that success in the general election, as Hillary Clinton has rallied minority voters to her side.

Expecting the worst possible outcome, Trump's campaign manger stopped by MSNBC's election night coverage on November 8 and elaborated further, as reported by Mediaite.

Joining host Chuck Todd was Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Since being hired by the campaign back in August, Conway has done her best to spin the news in favorable fashion for the former host of "The Apprentice," but had a difficult time doing that on Tuesday night. When asked her current thoughts on the state of the race, Conway replied, "We didn't have the full support of the Republican infrastructure."

Continuing, Conway went on to criticize establishment Republicans, saying that their potential loss will be "because we have former Presidents not voting for us.

Former nominees not voting for us." Conway didn't stop there, saying it was "unfortunate" that the GOP never properly backed their campaign. Conway is spending election night with the Republican nominee at Trump Tower in New York City, as reports note that Trump is in a closed room watching the results roll in. As for the rest of the campaign, they are downstairs at the tower, with only Fox News election coverage playing on the TV screens.

Election update

As of press time, Trump has been officially called the winner in four states, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. For Clinton, she has added Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and Illinois. Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are still too close to call. Following the 8 p.m. EST election calls, the former Secretary of State is sitting with 75 electoral votes, with 66 going to Trump.

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