Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Antarctica this weekend to learn how climate change is affecting the continent, despite numerous studies showing it’s gaining in size and mass. Antarctica is the largest continent seemingly unaffected by global warming and any melting can be attributed to geological heat flow and seismic activity. But Kerry, also a pilot, got to sit in the cockpit for most of the flight.

A recent study by the University of Washington and MIT showed that the Southern Ocean swirling around the continent has left the continent unfazed by the 0.8 degrees of global warming since 1900.

Other studies show Antarctica is covered almost entirely in ice with only 0.18 percent of the rocky surface exposed to air. The rest is under miles of snow and ice, which radiates sunlight back into space.

Kerry congratulates Trump

Kerry and his fellow group left New Zealand on Friday and landed in Antarctica around 11 a.m. at McMurdo research station. The U.S. base is where researchers do most of their work.

Before embarking on the trip, Kerry congratulated President-elect Donald Trump on his “momentous election” and told his State Department staff to remember the “time-honored tradition of a very peaceful and constructive transfer of power.”

Once in Antarctica, Kerry will go immediately to a smaller transport plane for a three-hour flight to a research station operated by the U.S. government near the South Pole.

He will spend about two hours at the station before going back to McMurdo for his overnight stay. Antarctica is entering its spring and summer as the Northern Hemisphere slips into winter.

Geologically active continent

According to geologist James Kamis, the continent sits atop the 5,000-mile long heat-emitting West Antarctic Rift System, causing vast areas of West and East Antarctica to bottom-melt, discharging giant icebergs into the Southern Ocean.

Kamis points out that NASA blames atmospheric warming for any glacial melting, and explains why this is scientifically impossible in a new paper:

Last spring, ice coverage was slightly below average despite an overall increase in size since 1979. Kerry’s primary purpose is to hear from researchers on how climate change is ostensibly affecting the continent. That may prove difficult given NASA’s own satellite imagery shows the continent has grown about 30 percent since recordkeeping began.

A/C and ISIS

As Secretary of State, Kerry has used his cabinet position as a lectern to fuel global warming alarmism, and was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate doc “Before the Flood.” Kerry was roundly condemned for saying that air conditioners were as big a threat as ISIS, only days after the terrorist group beheaded a group of Christians.

Kerry will return to New Zealand on Saturday and will meet with Prime Minister John Key.

Later, he will attend the climate conference in Morocco and give a speech. Attendees at the conference were in shock that Trump won the election, with many wondering if this will mark the end of the United Nation’s Green Climate Fund largely bankrolled by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

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