American musicians Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt join a growing list of domestic and international celebrities who have used their fame to raise awareness for the plight of the standing rock sioux and their on-going efforts to defend their community against the encroachment of corporate interests.

Jackson Browne is an American singer and songwriter who is known around the world for his songs "These Days", "The Pretender", "Running on Empty", "Lawyers in Love", "Doctor My Eyes", "Take It Easy", "For a Rocker", and "Somebody's Baby". Browne will join longtime collaborator Bonnie Raitt, November 27, 2016 for a concert to support the Standing Rock Sioux.

Bonnie Raitt, along with Browne is considered a truly beloved American performer and is known for her hits "Something to Talk About", "Love Sneakin' Up on You", and the ballad "I Can't Make You Love Me" in addition to many live performances with some of the biggest names in the world of music.

The time has come tostand on the right side of history

The November 27th concert will take place just seven miles from theOceti Sakowin Camp which has made international news as the site of on-going civil disobedience in opposition to a proposed pipeline which the Standing Rock Sioux and many other communities assert threatens their sovereign land rights as granted through historical treaties with the United States government.

The concert in addition to Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt will also featureJoel Rafaeland the lateJohn Trudell's bandBad Dog.The event is scheduled to be a benefit and proceeds will be directed to the Standing Rock Sioux's political action group which has come to be known as The Water Protectors as well as the community that supports it.

Rallying behind the slogans "Water is Life" and "No DAPL", the plight of the Water Protectors has galvanized national and international support from leaders such as sitting President Barack Obama and the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Nonetheless the issue central to their efforts remains unresolved with efforts still underway to construct the contested Dakota Access Pipeline.

It is the responsibility of all Water Protectors to affirm the land rights of indigenous communities and support the Standing Rock Sioux in their continued efforts to defend their ancestral lands!

Just last week, Democracy Now! broke a story which describes what happened when Jackson Browne learned that he had released an album on a record label which was partially owned by one of the investors involved with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Water is Life for Browne and Raitt

Speaking with Amy Goodman, Browne is quoted as saying:"I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray. I certainly would not have allowed my songs to be recorded by a record company whose owner’s other business does what Energy Transfer Partners is allegedly doing—threatening the water supply and the sacred sites of indigenous people.

Thanksgiving weekend, November 27th, join Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and a growing list of Water Protectors as they affirm their support for the Standing Rock Sioux!

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