The recent string of fires in Israel, particularly in Haifa, have finally been smothered. Although the damage has been done, there have been 35 Arab Israelis and Palestinians arrested for suspicion of arson. There was so much damage from the fires that it could take more than 30 years for Israel to fully recover from these attacks.

International assistance

Firefighters, including some fire trucks and aircraft, came from more than a dozen countries including the United States, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Ukraine, Egypt and Azerbaijan.

The Palestinian Authority also sent 40 firefighters and 8 fire trucks to help. In addition, 14 Israeli planes and 19 foreign planes assisted in putting out the fires.

The damage

According to Fire Services spokesman Yoram Levy, firefighters faced 1,773 fires around Israel between November 18 through November 25. 39 of those fires required ten or more firefighting teams. More than 32,000 acres of urban and forest land was destroyed by the fires in Haifa, which was the hardest hit area, Neveh Shalom, Modi’in, Neveh Ilan, Zichron Ya’acov, Nataf and other areas.

In Haifa alone there were 527 apartments that were completely destroyed and because of that about 1,600 people were left homeless. An even larger number is the 75,000 people that were simply evacuated.

Including the 3,500 IDF soldiers, 2,000 firefighters and approximately 20,000 police officers involved, this was quite the concerted effort. Miraculously, although there were at least 133 people injured, no one died as a result of these fires.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Though these tragic events have left a scar on the nation of Israel, there appears to be hope in the end. As a result of two of the leading Israel-related websites with connections to evangelical Christians asking their readers to assist Israel in its time of need, tens of thousands of dollars came in for families on the first day of the appeal alone.

Donations came in from places as unexpected as India, Japan and Turkey.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the publisher of Breaking Israel News and the founder of Israel365 had this to say to Breaking Israel News: “The outpouring of love and help from Bible-reading Christians around the world reflects their love for God’s people and God’s land. We immediately began distributing these donations to people whose homes have been burned.”

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