The Iranian nuclear deal, just how bad was it? What did it really consist of? C.I.A. chief John Brennan says dropping out of it would be a disaster. There has been a lot of noise and misinformation about the deal, but it has stopped any Iranian nuclear ambitions cold no matter what anyone has told you.

Just what’s in the deal?

Before the nuclear deal, it was estimated that Iran could build a nuclear weapon of some sort in two to three months, a few months after it was implemented it was estimated that it would take at a minimum one full year. Noam Chomsky has pointed out Iran wants the Mid-East to be a nuclear free zone completely, the U.S.

won’t agree since it would mean Israel would have to disarm -- also, the supreme leader of Iran has stated that nuclear war would be against the Koran.

What has happened since the deal?

Since the agreement went into effect Iran has gone a long way to removing any nuclear production capability. First, Iran shipped an estimated 98% of all its enriched uranium to other countries which use it as reactor fuel. This has been verified to consist of 25,000 pounds of enriched Uranium (U238 which has had enough U235 added to make it capable or nearly capable of being made into a bomb).

Iran has also dismantled and sold all but 6,000 of its 19,000 centrifuges which are capable of slowly and in tiny amounts, extracting U235 from Uranium metal which consists of 99.27% U238 and about 0.71% U235.

Since the two elements are chemically identical they can only be separated by spinning them very, very fast so they separate by weight. The centrifuges are very expensive and each produces very tiny amounts of U235.

Iran has also filled its heavy water reactor (which can produce plutonium bomb material) with concrete. The government of Iran has allowed extensive monitoring of its nuclear facilities and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has verified all of the above information.

What more could President Trump want?

Although he has stated it was a terrible deal made by incompetent people, Candidate Trump never specified just what was wrong with the deal or how he would make it better. As of today Iran has sold virtually all of its bomb-making materials, destroyed the only reactor it has which can produce plutonium, dismantled most of its centrifuges, leaving just enough to feed one peaceful power reactor.

If the nuclear deal is dumped by President Trump what would be the alternative? Bombing the already destroyed reactor? Bombing the now empty uranium storage facilities? Bombing the dismantled centrifuge facility? Invade Iran on foot? What would be the point? Just what could possibly be gained by re-negotiating the existing deal which has removed all of Iran’s nuclear bomb making capability? What could his goal be?

Oh, and by the way, you can buy uranium ore on

What about that money?

It’s true that Iran got money as a result of the deal, but in actuallity it was Iranian money to begin with and the legal position was that the United States was holding the money illegally. No American taxpayer money went to Iran. All the U.S. and other signators gave up were sanctions on Iranian money held in other countries, and restrictions on oil sales.

Blocking Iran's access to the money was a violation of international law which the U.S. hopes others will follow in regard to U.S. interests.

Iran got nothing else

The following sanctions are still in place: missile technology and conventional weapons, terror list sanctions, targeted terrorist sanctions, authority to block ballistic missile development, authority to target censorship and human rights abuses, and authority to sanction disruptive regional activities in Syria and Yemen. In other words, only nuclear sanctions were reduced.

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