It was an election where the domestic policy involved doesn’t affect us. It was an election where we couldn’t vote, but, in the work offices throughout the United Kingdom on Wednesday morning, it was all people could discuss.

A lot of the talk was shock, and how it would affect our country. Of course, the United Kingdom had a vote that caused shock waves across the world when the people decided to leave the European Union.That vote to leave seemed to give trump hope that a similar wave of disgruntled passion could sweep him to victory, and so it transpired. When he takes office, the whole world will be waiting with baited breath to see what his first moves will be.

For the United Kingdom, however, how will this be a good thing?

Better trade deals

Well, as mentioned, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, which will be completed during President-elect Trump’s first term in office. President Obama annoyed many Britons before the vote when he said that the United Kingdom would be at the back of the queue for trade negotiations. While that seemed like a fear tactic to dissuade people from voting to leave, there is hope that with Trump’s business acumen, trade deals will be done more quickly and efficiently.

The special relationship

The United States and the United Kingdom will continue their ‘special relationship,’ which hasn’t felt all too special in a while.

Under the President George W. Bush – Prime Minister Tony Blair era, it was at its height, but the war in Iraq made many British people bitter toward Blair for how he was seemingly coerced to go into a war on false pretenses that has cost the lives of many of our troops for a destabilized a region. Trump will have to keep his allies close because he has annoyed many countries in his presidential race and might look to the United Kingdom to help him gain international credit.


One key difference in the views of the two candidates was their views on Russia. They have long been seen as the enemy, and it’s almost ingrained in the culture of the two countries to view them as much. You have to think of the numerous television shows, comics and films where the villains involved are Russian.

Why is there a reason to be an enemy? Sure there are key differences in opinion, but the same could be said about Israel, which is seen as a key ally. Building bridges with Russia may help in keeping peace and help keep the world safe in times of crisis. The countries did a fairly good job in World War II! A closer United States – Russian relationship will mean a closer United Kingdom – Russian relationship too, and it’s hard to see how that would be a bad thing.

A president for the whole world

People are scared about President Trump, but the fear is quite an overreaction, or at least I hope it is. There are policies he has that will benefit the United Kingdom, and maybe the rest of the world too.

It will be interesting over the next few months to see how he will form his policies, I’m fairly sure his wall and ban on Muslims will slowly fade away as policies that never happen. Secretary Clinton said she hopes he’ll be a successful president for all Americans. We hope he’ll be a successful president for the whole world.

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