Presidential candidates are often afflicted by scary supporters, but none is quite as scary, not to mention obnoxious and (in every sense of the word) ugly Lena Dunham, the actress, producer, and public nuisance who has become one of Hillary Clinton’s warmest supporters. Dunham has just posted a video in which she suggests that white men are “the problem” and that straight white men are a “bigger problem.” She then celebrates the extinction of straight white men.

The video is at once racist, sexist, and heterophobic (to coin a phrase.) It is also a celebration of what amounts to genocide, the usual way that whole groups of people go extinct, something usually reserved for such figures as Adolf Hitler (leaving Godwin’s Law aside), Margaret Sanger, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

To be sure Dunham is not likely to gain the power to slaughter billions of straight white guys whom she seems to feel the need to be extinct. But the sentiment requires that she take herself somewhere out of the public view and think about what she just said.

In a normal world, Hillary Clinton would be forced to denounce her supporter and consign her to the outer darkness. Dunham would certainly never work in the entertainment business ever again. But chances are, she will not even be required to go on an apology tour. Unlike oppressed minority groups, it is just fine to suggest that straight white guys should become extinct. Decorously, Dunham does not offer the mechanism by which this might happen, whether it be death camps or just being aggravated to death by people like her.

Celebrating the extinction of straight white guys is not the first time Lena Dunham has created outrage. Beside her HBO show “Girls,” a sewer of human depravity, she published a memoir in which she admitted to molesting her baby sister and lied about having been raped in college. Four years ago she posted a video in which she compared voting for Barack Obama to losing one’s virginity.

Incidentally, Dunham recently posted another video of her stripping and rapping her love for Hillary Clinton, something that should count as an in-kind contribution to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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