For months, millions around the world have looked on at the American Presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with a mixture of shock and awe which would be more typically languished on a reality television show, a sporting match or a dramatic accident; almost impossible to believe and yet too compelling to turn away from. Views from inside and outside of the country have perpetuated a sense of awe, disbelief, and shame unlike any previously witnessed in the modern American story.

Hillary Clinton defeated by Donald Trump

Never before has America been the object of so much scorn, never has the nation been more questioned on the world stage and yet, the future remains uncertain with the news that it is official: not only did Donald Trump win the United States presidency, he did so decidedly.

This is not a mistake, nor is it is a feat of electoral trickery. The American people voted emphatically and dramatically in affirmation of his polices, splitting the electorate and fracturing the American identity in profound and shocking new ways. Around the world, leaders have expressed the similar disbelief which has been echoed so frequently by the people.

Many wonder how this could happen but few consider the longer trajectory of distrust in governance which allowed an outsider like Trump to rise to dramatically to the top echelon of global power. Like it or not, the world today is a very new place and the future of American legitimacy, prosperity and opportunity remains uncertain. Will world leaders bow to Trumps demands?

Will he follow through on his loosely guarded promises to murder journalists? Will the Mexican people fund a wall which will once and for all solve all of America's problems?

Will Hillary Clinton face justice as promised by Donald Trump?

At this time, nothing is certain except for the simple and resounding fact which is now reverberating around the world: Donald Trump is the United States President and Hillary Clinton is not.

Though it could have been a powerful opportunity to set the future trajectory of the Democratic Party, former Secretary of State Clinton declined the opportunity to offer a concession speech following her defeat in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. It is unclear if Trump will follow through on any or all of his promises but it seems likely Clinton joins a growing list of Americans who will awaken to slightly more challenging and confusing world than the one the left on Election Day, November 8th, 2016.

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