Quinnipiac University released its final poll in the swing, battleground states of Florida and North Carolina and the conclusion is: “Inconclusive.” Until Election Day, at least. This is not surprising, in fact, because both states were close in 2008 and 2012, and hinged on a turnout in the end during those past two presidential elections. What is significant about both polls is the steep fall of Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, polling at 2 percent in Florida and 3 percent in North Carolina.

Hillary Clinton very slight leads within margin of error

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in Florida by a 46 – 45 percent lead, in other words, statistically insignificant. In another statistically insignificant lead, Clinton leads Trump in North Carolina 47 – 45 percent. Peter A. Brown, assistant director of polling at Quinnipiac University, said this could end up having America singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like the year 2000.”

Both races will hinge on turnout, and that may give a slight edge to Clinton because of her massive ground operation throughout both states, and because of their campaign’s massive data operation carried out by the grassroots “ground troops” in those states.

This ground operation advantage for Clinton may carry the day for two other down ballot candidates in North Carolina. Democratic challenger Deborah Ross and theRepublican incumbent Richard Burr are in a47 – 47 percent tie. Again, advantage Ross.But in the race in that state for governor’s race, State Attorney General Roy Cooper, the Democratic challenger, is leadingGov. Pat McCrory’s 50 - 47 percent.

Poll came after F.B.I. had'pertinent' information causing closer look at emails and private server

The poll was taken after the F.B.I.'s letter to House Republican Chairmen that indicated the Director of the federal agency was looking further into the emails and the private server.

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However, it came after Sunday's revelation that Mr. Comey absolved Clinton and said that the ruling made in July stands as previously announced.

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