Today, the day after the 2016 Presidential Election, has been emotional for the entire United States. Some are feeling elated, with their sense of faith in their country restored and with a new hope for the future of our nation and its people. Others, however, are just angry. This is evidenced by the mass exodus of students across the country today from their classes.

Students across the nation protest

Students from multiple high schools in Phoenix left class and marched on the capitol to vent their frustrations with the state of things today.

It isn't just Arizona kids that aren't satisfied: "Thousands of high-school students in California, Colorado, Washington and Iowa also walked out Wednesday afternoon in protest," reports In addition to the hundreds of students in Phoenix there was a walkout from Berkeley High School of around 1,500 students, or about half of the school's student population.

It is clearer now, more than ever before, that people in this country are dissatisfied, especially young people.

Chants of "Not my President!" and "This is what democracy looks like!" filled the air as did the emotion of these high school students. Student protests also took place in Boulder, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Students said...

Donald Trump may be president, but we are going to make sure that this man, that he is going to prioritize the well being of the people, so please join us in this fight,” one student said in a speech.

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Donald Trump

“He wants us to turn against each other,” another female student said, choking back tears. “I just want to emphasize that as young people it’s our job to continue to fight like our parents fought for us.”

As tensions continue to rise it can be expected that the young people of this country will continue to make their voices heard. In today's America everyone has a voice and life as a public figure has never been more difficult, due to constantly being in the public eye.

Whatever can be said about our new President-Elect, let us all hold him accountable to his word.

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