South Africa - the world gets hope to conquer HIV-AID, as a new HIV vaccine is due to be tested today on Wednesday in South Africa. Scientists say that this could be a new dawn in the world if it is to be successful. The study which is referred to as HVTN 702 is set to recruit 5,400 participants, both men and women whose ages are between 18 and 35 years at 15 locations in south Africa. South Africa gets 1000 people a day affected with the disease, and this will be the most advanced and largest clinical trial to be conducted in South Africa. If this vaccine trial is deployed parallel to the current proven HIV-AIDS prevention measures, an effective and safe vaccine could be the final solution.

This is according to the director of the U.S. government’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Mr. Anthony Fauci.

The year 2009 HIV-AIDS vaccine in Thailand

Back in the year 2009, Thailand scientists tested the vaccine which was said to be 31.2 percent effective in the prevention of HIV-AIDS. This is the basis of the HVTN 702 which will be tested today after three and a half years of close monitoring after the vaccination.

The vaccine which has been adapted to the HIV-AIDS subtype that is common in southern Africa, Is aiming to provide more progressive protection which is sustainable. AIDS has killed many people in Africa especially in areas which are stricken by poverty, but with continued scientific exploration, hopes are high especially during this clinical trial.

Hope of longer life expectancy during HIV-AIDS vaccine trial

If this vaccination trial does work, it will give new hope of longer life expectancy in the world. Volunteers who will get the vaccination which was funded by NIAID, are being picked at random and assigned to receive the vaccine. The scientists said that all the participators will receive five injections of the vaccine over a year.

The Participators who get infected with the disease during this exercise will be referred to the medical providers so that they can get care and treatment. They will also get counseling on how they can reduce the risk of transmitting the infection. 6.8 million people are living with HIV-AIDS in South African.

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