In the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, a number of celebrities are faced with the prospect of making good on their vows to flee the country. To be sure, the image of fleets of private jets making a beeline to Canada is a beguiling one. And the absence of a few of the refugees, such as Samuel L. Jackson, will be regretted. But a couple of people come to mind will not be missed.

First, Miley Cyrus, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana, a wholesome rocker who was a character in a Disney TV series. As the result of what has to be a demonic possession, she reverted to the name her parents gave her and proceeded to make a spectacle of herself by performing grotesque public sexual gymnastics.

The effect of her twerking was to make a highly agreeable human activity into something stomach churning.

Then, Lena Dunham, the actress, producer, and public nuisance who recently celebrated the extinction of straight white men, has also vowed to run. She was first seen on her HBO show “Girls” showing her character’s flabby body being sexually abused by a creepy, emaciated millennial dude, another case of one of the most fun human experiences there is into something one wanted to take a shower for just watching.

This writer should like to offer heartfelt apologies to the nation of Canada for having these pieces of work and no doubt a number of other annoying people fleeing north to escape the Great Trump Terror.

Despite having gifted the United States with the likes of Justin Bieber and William Shatner, Canada is too full of friendly people to deserve that.

Madonna is one person who needs to flee the country for the offer to prostitute herself to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton and then reneging on the deal when some silly man showed up on her doorstep with a selfie and demand for his Lewinsky.

It is pathetic enough that a 58-year-old has been tried that gambit. It is aggravating that she refused to follow through when someone arrived to collect. Out with her, then, hopefully far away.

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