Latin singer Ricky Martin made an appearance on the "Ellen" show this week to make two announcements. One of them was about his residency in Las Vegas where he will performing regularly and the other, his engagement to artist Jwan Yosef. Both moves mark a new chapter in the former "Menudo" member's life, saying in a interview with "People" that his decision to establish residency wasn't because of his engagement, but rather, because he saw the larger picture of the line-up of talent who had already taken residency there and felt that the time was right.

In the article, he says that an offer had already been made some years before but never took it up.

Ricky Martin commits life to becoming target on behalf of Syrians

Now at age 44, the Latin singer is only just beginning to expand his prospects and his vision of his music and with it, his activism for the LGBT community and civil rights.

Unfortunately Ricky Martin already has the make-up of becoming a target as both a Latino and gay, in a nation that is socially divided. And with the upcoming administration of Donald Trump who has threatened to deport millions of immigrants -- specifically Latinos -- he appears to be making these decisions willingly, in order to perhaps even subconsciously, protest. There have been more reports of Latinos and people of color being harassed and assaulted by people who claim to be Trump supporters and in a recent report by "Reuters", the singer says that he will "get loud" if he feels threatened and if things get "sour" in this country.

But Ricky Martin's engagement pick is also likely to make him a target of ridicule as Yosef is Syrian, a region that is at the center of America's policy in the Middle East and until recently a safe-haven for the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS. President Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence have in fact has been running on a campaign to ban Syrian Muslims and to even surveil America's Muslims, claiming it is to prevent terrorist attacks.

As more reports reveal on a daily basis, Donald Trump's transition team is already providing details of their immigration and law enforcement policy which are beginning to alarm many Americans and others around the world.

Donald Trump makes Ricky's blood boil

Obviously Martin is aware of this, as he is politically active and has also promised to protect those who are attacked by hostile forces in today's society. In August of 2015 after Donald Trump announced the start of his campaign, Ricky responded to now President-elect Donald Trump's throwing of Latino Journalist Jorge Ramos out of a press conference in an op-ed published on "Univision", a network that have been in constant conflict with the billionaire.

"Billboard" translated the op-ed from Spanish, where he says that Trump's action made his blood boil, and how people should stand up to him. Even though Ricky Martin is from Puerto Rico which is part of the United States, most of the reports of assault and harassment against people of color never mention whether the person accused has vetted the victim first to learn if they are American.

Friend to all children!

But Ricky Martin also promises to tap into various cultures for his shows in Las Vegas residency that have influenced him, also promising a Latin and Middle Eastern theme for his wedding.

Even more, the Latin pop star has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2003 and in June he traveled to Lebanon, paying a visit to Syrian refugee children. It is certain that those children were not familiar with who Ricky Martin is and until recently, this too was the case with his own twin sons Matteo and Valentino who were born from a surrogate mother in 2008. Ricky Martin recently revealed that even though his children see him singing off stage all the time, they finally saw him perform on stage and were surprised that he was Ricky Martin the singer, to which he responded, "I'm not Ricky Martin, I'm your father."

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