If you have an overdue library book or a parking ticket, you may just be able to take care of it by digging through your pantry or by taking a trip to your local store. Metro Library in Hiawatha, Iowa will allow you to donate non-perishable foods to take care of your overdue book fines from now until November 30.

Food for Fines helps the needy and the community in many areas

Metro Library in Iowa is just one of such Food for Fines programs that are popping up. Lexington, Kentucky started their Food for Fines program in 2014.

The LexPark, public parking authority takes donations of canned goods as credit towards parking tickets.

According to WKYT News, LexPark received 6200 cans of food the first year, during November and December. The canned goods were then donated to the local Food Pantries to help low-income families throughout the year.

Cherokee Regional Library Systems, in Georgia, is also onboard with the Food for Fines Program. From November 1, to November 23, one can of food will get you a credit of $1.00 towards your library fines.

The libraries are in LaFayette, Chickamauga, Rossville and Trenton. The donated food then goes to food pantries and churches in the area.

Does your community have a Food for Fines program?

Many other cities across the US have these programs that will allow you to pay your overdue book fines or parking fines with non-perishable food. Chicago, Illinois has a program for overdue books as does St. Louis MO.

Many cities run their programs through November and December so that their pantries are well stocked to help people through the holidays and the winter months. Other cities run the program at different times of the year, while still others do it a couple of times a year.

If you have an overdue library book or a parking ticket you haven’t taken care of, you may want to check to see if your city has a Food for Fines program.

What a great way to take care of your fines and help your community all at the same time.

Approach your library or city council to start a Food for Fines program

These programs seem to be working well for all the communities who do them. If there isn’t one near you, approach your local library or city council about starting one. Perhaps even volunteer at the library to help collect the food and issue vouchers for paid book fines.

Many town officials have stated that paying off fines with food doesn’t hurt them financially and it gets the fines cleared up. The Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida stated, “I’d rather forego those dollars during the holiday season and allow people to spread a little goodwilland goodcheer.

Ifyou pay your parking ticket with crucial food items for families that are in need, perhaps you’ll be more giving in other ways as well.”

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