A #Final vote count has been requested after the Electoral College revealed Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States. Democrats were almost happy seeing him come so close to losing to what they felt was the nation's last hope. The results were close the first time, with #Hillary Clinton seeming to challenge Trump all the way across the map. In the wee hours of November 9th (or near midnight on the 8th, depending on your time zone), the vote had concluded with the Republicans reclaiming the White House for the next four years.

Rumors pointed to the voting process being rigged

When the final days before Donald Trump's win were upon us, there was a disturbing idea introduced by the then-Presidential hopeful.

He had claimed that the voting system was rigged in Hillary's favor. Couple this with the allegations brought forth by the leaked email scandal that Clinton had paid the major news sites to make him look like a monster, using funds donated by the same people who funded ISIS, and other terrorist organizations.

Of course, there is also the fact that a video had been leaked revealing cheating behind the scenes at the Electoral College, made public by "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver.

There had also been rumors that Republican ballots were being torn up, and that some voting machines were only offering the choice to vote for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump seemed to have the odds against him and he made no secret of suspecting corruption in the voting process.

President Trump could still lose if the final vote count proves he didn't get the popular vote

Riots in the streets ensued after Hillary lost the vote through the Electoral College, with young Democrats protesting his win.

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People across social media and in the real world targeted Trump voters with accusations of racism, sexism, and other liberal labels, due to Trump's poorly chosen words throughout his campaign.

The protests drew enough media attention that when Jill Stein and the left wing ordered a recount in certain states, the gateway was opened for possibly the biggest revolution United States election history. If Hillary Clinton is proven to have won the popular vote, there could be a major upheaval in the voting process, possibly leading to the ultimate dismissal of the Electoral College, and even the transference of Presidency to the Democrats' champion Hillary Clinton. #President Trump