#Fidel Castro is dead, but he lived to the ripe age of 90 despite people trying to kill him along the way. He has had numerous of foiled attempts on his life, with many of the attempts coming from the CIA. These plots to kill Castro went on through eight U.S. presidents.

During the Clinton administration there were 21 attempts to snuff out Castro. There are 16 attempts credited to Bush Sr.'s time in office and the numbers continue during the administrations of Regan, 197, Carter 64, Nixon, 184, Johnson, 72, Kennedy, 42, and Eisenhower with 38. Some were carried out, but many never left the drawing board.

The information above comes from Fabian Escalante, who formerly headed the Cuban Secret Service for decades.

He claims that Castro survived more than 600 assignation attempts, according to the website Mental Floss. "Fox and Friends Weekend" also reported on some of the foiled plots below on their Saturday morning show.

Exploding cigar

One such plot was the exploding cigar. This was to be packed with enough explosives to take off the head of anyone attempting to smoke it. As the website Mental Floss puts it, "this was no parlor trick." It was back in 1960 that this plot was to be carried out when Castro visited the United Nations that year. A NYPD officer was approached by the CIA to do this task, but it never came to be.


To discredit Castro to his people, there were plans being made to bombard a radio station with aerosol LSD spray so when Castro took to the air waves he would "freak out." This would lead the Cubans to believe their leader went crazy.

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Using deadly bacteria was considered a few times as a weapon for taking out Castro.

Deadly bacteria

The CIA was planning to give him a bacteria-filled handkerchief at one point to render him deathly ill and possibly kill him. That never materialized, but putting deadly bacteria into a wet suit that Castro was slated to use got even closer to becoming reality. An America Lawyer who was sent to Cuba to negotiate the Bay of Pigs was to present this bacteria-tainted suit to Castro. The lawyer backed out and presented him a wet suit that he had purchased instead.


There was another close call for Castro where the CIA almost accomplished the feat of killing the dictator. Castro's mistress had agreed to carry a poison capsule in her cold cream jar and drop it in his drink. The time came, but the pill dissolved in the cold cream, so that never came to be.


The closest call was the milkshake plot at the Havana Hilton. A waiter was to put a poison capsule into his milkshake, which Castro always ordered.

The pill was put into the freezer for the waiter to retrieve and drop in his drink. The pill stuck to the freezer and ripped apart as the waiter tried to pry it off the frozen freezer wall.

A pen equipped with a hidden hypodermic needle filled with poison was devised. Using a chemical to make all the dictators hair fall out was another plot on the drawing board at one time. The CIA even conjured up an exploding conch shell for one of Castro's diving expeditions, but it never came to be! #Fidel Castro Death #Fidel Castro assignation attempts