Fidel Castro is dead. The streets in Miami are filled with people who are still celebrating from the night before as the sun came up on Saturday morning. The 90-year-old dictator's death is official, as his brother Raul Castro announced his passing just hours ago, shortly after midnight on Saturday. This is not an Internet rumor like the news of his death has been in the past, the dictator who oppressed the people of his nation for decades is gone.

9-days of mourning

Already 9-days of mourning have been decreed in Cuba by the younger Castro brother, who is also the president of the country.

Raul Castro took over power of the nation when Castro fell ill ten years ago and was hospitalized. While Castro's death has sparked celebration in the streets of Miami, the streets of Cuba are like a ghost town.

Immediate cremation

Raul announced that it was his brother's wishes for his body to be cremated immediately, which was slated to take place early Saturday morning, according to Yahoo News. The 9-days of mourning will follow and within those 9 days Castro's ashes will be paraded through the streets of the country for a 4-day journey. Then on December 4th his ashes will be buried in the city of Santiago, which is in the southeastern part of Cuba.

Celebration of Castro's death in Miami

The dictator's death could only be celebrated as he leaves a legacy of death, pain and suffering in his wake. All this elation over a death seems cruel, but this is not a man people are sorry to see die. After all this man has put the people of Cuba through since taking power in the 1950s, they can only celebrate his passing. This was basically the theme among all the Cuban-Americans who spoke with reporters while celebrating in Miami.

Cuban people suppressed from celebrating

Many of the Cuban-American people are in Miami because their families fled Cuba at one time or another during Castro's reign.

"Fox and Friends Weekend" on Saturday morning report that some are speculating the 9-days of mourning are really 9-days of suppression to make sure nobody celebrates in the streets, much like what is going on in Miami.

For those 9-days all public activities cease, basically assuring the streets of Cuba won't mirror the scenes of happiness seen In the U.S. among the Cuban-Americans celebrating today. For the next 9-days in Cuba, whether you like it or not, you are going to mourn, or at least have the appearance of mourning the death of the dictator, Fidel Castro.

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