The election has been over for two days now, but U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the progressive movement, may have kicked off the 2020 presidential campaign on Thursday in delivering what Politico referred to as a "hastily" arranged speech before the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. With Hillary Clinton's days of running for President of the United States now over, it is clear that Senator Warren is just getting started. Or at least picking up where she left off in the presidential campaign with Hillary Clinton at her side.

This time, in an AFL-CIO speech, sans Hillary Clinton, she insisted that while she didn't care much for Trump himself, she insisted Democrats not ignore his populist message.

Elizabeth Warren transitions away from Hillary Clinton

The fact that Clinton was not there is striking because it is a clear departure in transitioning from the Clinton-era to the populist and progressive Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren era in politics. Donald Trump, however, was the beneficiary of this, it is "too early to call" that this will work again in 2020.

Much depends on the success, and/or, the failure of a Trump administration.

Sen. Warren told the union crowd that the election was not "pretty" and that it was in fact, rather "ugly." Donald Trump used racial attacks to get his message across in encouraging hate and fear in attacking millions of Americans.

She insisted that in spite of the outrageous rhetoric that would have doomed mere mortals, Americans ignored this and voted for him out of frustration and anger—and hope that change would result in their lives with Trump as president.

Sen. Warren looks to lead populist, progressive movement

Sen. Warren clearly wants to be the leader of those taking to the streets across America in dozens of urban centers in protest of Trump's election.

In New York, protestors protested near Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. In Philadelphia, protestors gather at City Hall. In Portland. Oregon, demonstrators shut down traffic on Interstate 5, shutting down traffic in both directions. In Chicago, Illinois, Lake Shore Drive was shut down in a long stretch of road at a peak hour. And so it went across the country.

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