The election results for the 2016 Presidential race appear to be favoring Hillary Clinton. However, in the light of the FBI allegedly re-opening investigations surrounding her suddenly discovered emails containing classified government information, some might feel Donald Trump would have been a better choice.

The good news is that if you live in certain states, and you already voted, you can change your mind before the polls close for 2016.

If all registered voters took advantage of this, we might see a sudden uprising in ballots for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson as well. You don't necessarily have to change your party affiliation to vote Democrat as a Republican, or the other way around, either.

In recent weeks, Trump and Clinton have been doing more than simply digging up proverbial dirt on each other. They have been in a virtual battle, taking advantage of openings in each other's proverbial armor. Of course this is normal for any Presidential campaign. Nobody is immune if they want to win.

The problems with Hillary Clinton

While Hillary may be leading the election results in 2016, she is also being exposed by the media as having used a private server to exchange classified information through email. Vice President Joe Biden stated Clinton didn't realize that doing this was illegal, but the damage is done. It's the content of these emails which appear to be giving Trump his potential victory from behind.

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The emails included information which point to Clinton's campaign being allegedly funded by terrorists in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Trump has also accused her to paying people in the media to destroy her competition so she was guaranteed a victory among the Democrats.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a laptop used by Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin is now the subject of another round of investigations by the FBI. It's possible that Hillary may be a on trial again if new emails are discovered with evidence of criminal ties.

Is Donald Trump any better?

The Republican Presidential nominee has become known for one thing in particular, and it's his habit of not thinking things through before he speaks. Often enough he says things which could be considered blanketed racism, sexism, and just generally unpleasant in today's politically correct climate. His actions have even brought him ridicule, such as the infamous rally in Iowa when he poked fun at fellow Republican hopeful Ben Carson's book, where he'd admitted he used to have a violent temper. Many fear that if Trump can't think things through as President, he could easily offend a world leader with a nuclear weapon ready to go.

The most recent attack on the Republican nominee was accusations of sexual assault after the reveal of an audio clip where he admitted to kissing women without consent, and grabbing them in inexcusable ways. Several women have come forward with the accusations, according to CNN.

You can still change your vote in some states

If any of the above makes you wish you had voted for someone else, Fox News reports that certain states allow you to change your vote.

Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are among those which allow it, though the laws differ from state to state.

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