While much of the national and international attention around today's United States electoral process has focused on the Presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, across the nation many incredibly important issues will be decided at the state level which will are likely to shape the future of American life for many years to come. From medical and recreational marijuana to gun control, the death penalty to the minimum wage, the number of salient topics up for debate in state and regional political contests is truly astounding and speaks to the perennial necessity of supporting and participating in the political process at the federal, state and local levels.

Many key issues impacting American liberty to be decided this Election Day

Without participation, the American people run the risk of feeling underrepresented, of allowing their discord to transform into a rejection of the system, or perhaps worse yet, apathy towards the process. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of all citizens to be actively engaged with politics and to affirm their viewpoints in the form of support of the representatives, candidates and policy positions which speak to their hearts and minds. Action, collaboration, opposition and compromise are central elements of the democratic process and this year has challenged so many to remain engaged. Nonetheless, come November 9th, America is likely to be a very different place then it is today and the only way to have an active stake in that tomorrow is to vote with your logical and conscious mind in union with your intuitive and loving heart today!

Some 82 Million U.S. citizens live in states that will be deciding the future trajectory of marijuana policy. Over 123 Million live in states that will be deciding various aspects of tax policy such astax increases, tax revenue allocation, and tax exemptions. 50.5 Million Americans live in states that will be deciding the future of measures to control the proliferation of fire arms.

51.4 Million U.S. Citizens live in states that will decide whether to increase taxation around the purchase of tobacco products. Close to 21.6 Million Americans live in states that will be deciding whether or not to raise the minimum wages allowed in their states. These are but a small selection of the immensely challenging state and regional issues being decided today, Election Day,Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Elections require the active participation of all citizens

These issues and so many others are tremendously important and affect so many citizens; there is simply no way not to be involved in these debates. The future trajectory of American liberty depends on the commitment of all citizens to be active participants in the electoral process. The future depends on the debates and measures taken today. It doesn't matter what you believe or which candidates you support. The future of America depends on an educated and active polity that will rise to meet the challenges of the coming days and years. Get out and vote. Take the opportunity to let your voice be heard!

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