Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Shocking does not even begin to describe the events that have just taken place. There has been an eerie silence on social media in the hours leading up to Election 2016, and, that silence has continued, quite literally leaving millions of Americans (and millions all over the world) utterly and completely stunned. It seems that the "basket of deplorables" has become an army, and an army that showed up in droves to the polls to vote for their leader -- Donald Trump.

Key swing states lean toward Donald Trump

The Clinton camp banked on New York and the other electoral heavy state of California to carry her to the front doors of the White House. And while those projections were accurate, it's in the swing states that the real drama has slowly unfolded. Many states that current President Barack Obama carried in the previous presidential election in 2012 have now completely flipped Republican in favor of Trump. Much of what was once blue is now bleeding red in favor of "making America great again." Donald Trump won a whopping 29 electoral votes with the state of Florida, as well as picking up a handful of other states that all projections initially put swinging Hillary Clinton's way.

Secret Trump voter not so secret anymore

While we don't know the exact data just yet, it's clear that there was a large portion of Trump voters that specifically did not show up in any poll, and perhaps, not even a single rally -- the secret Trump voter. With the stakes of this Election 2016 at unheard of levels, not every Trump supporter proudly sported a yard sign or plastered their allegiance all over social media.

The secret Trump voter made no mention of their intentions at the supermarket, at the dinner table, or even in casual conversations with friends. However, it's these very same people who bided their time, and waited for the moment to make their voices heard at the voting booths -- and America (and the world) is now listening.

Donald Trumpwill be the 45th President of the United States. Now, America, and the rest of the world will wait and see if the new President will, in fact, make America great again.

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