Since the election of #Donald Trump earlier this month, the reaction from the American people has been mixed. While millions who oppose Trump's candidacy have been left in awe, with many expressing legit fear for the future, his supporters haven't been shy about letting their voice be heard.

CNN backlash

During the 18-month long campaign, Donald Trump said and did a lot of things that rubbed people the wrong way. It all started when he referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Following his initial comments, Trump spoke about building a southern border wall that would allegedly be paid for by Mexico, in addition his plan of mass deportation of the more than 11 million illegal immigrants that are in the United States.

Trump also proposed a Muslim immigration ban, the possible overthrow of Roe v. Wade, while targeting public education that is used by the majority of low income families, most notably Hispanics, African-Americans, and other minority groups. These policies were cheered on by conservatives, but more alarmingly, they were championed by the controversial alt right movement, a group many believe are made up of white nationalists. This issue was discussed on a November 22 segment on #CNN.

During a panel discussion on the aforementioned issue, Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany clashed with CNN contributor #Ana Navarro. "What Donald Trump has to do to is take responsibility," Navarro said. "It is not a coincidence that after he got elected, hate crimes spiked up," Navarro noted. "It is not a coincidence these white supremacists were holding their hands up in a Nazi salute yelling ‘Heil Trump,'" Navarro went on to point out.

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Attempting to right the ship was McEnany, who said, "This is what those who don’t like Trump choose to ignore." After mentioning that Trump has disavowed racism in the past, McEnany said, "If it were up to you leftists, he would spend every day standing on top of the Trump Tower saying 'I'm not a racist.'"

(A longer version of the conversation is in the video above.)

At this point, Ana Navarro was forced to chime in, and she didn't pull back when giving McEnany a piece of her mind. "Let me tell you something that probably doesn’t happen to you. I get stopped by children who are afraid of going to school. I get stopped by Muslims who are afraid of going out in the street and having the scarves torn off their heads," Navarro said. Concluding her comments, Navarro said to McEnany, "Do me a favor and don’t lecture me on responsibility."

Next up

Prior to the conversation on CNN, Donald Trump did speak with The New York Times and disavowed the support he receives from the alt right, and said he didn't want to energize any movement rooted in racism.

Whether or not the American people take him at his word, only time will tell. Over the next 60 days, the former host of "The Apprentice" will finalize the remaining spots in his cabinet and administration as he gets ready for Inauguration Day in January.