It's been only two weeks since #Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next president-elect, but it appears that the country is still in shock. In the weeks since Trump's election, questions have been raised about the support coming from the controversial #Alt Right movement, which many link to white supremacy and white nationalism.

"Alt right" backlash

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, he addressed the press at Trump Tower and made headlines when he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "criminals" and "rapists." As the campaign went on, Trump would make comments that many believed were racist, sexist, Islamophobic, or homophobic.

After Trump announced that Steve Bannon, executive chair of Breitbart News, would be his new Chief Strategist, a new wave of criticism quickly followed. Bannon has been accused by many of being a white nationalist and an anti-Semite, and the rise of the alt-right is being attributed to Breitbart's success. Trump has denied that he is responsible for the movement, though he did appear to disavow the group while speaking to The New York Times on Tuesday. This issue was highlighted during a #CNN segment, as reported by Mediaite on November 22.

(The conversation heats up at about 5:00 in the above video.)

Joining CNN host Wold Blitzer was Trump surrogate and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer. Blitzer asked Spicer if Trump should made a specific speech disavowing all Neo-Nazi groups and others linked to white supremacy, but the RNC spokesman brushed off the issue.

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Blitzer kept bringing the conversation back to topic at hand, resulting in Spicer shouting back, "I don't know! That's really not my focus, figuring out why certain groups support him!" Spicer referred to the recent criticism that Trump is accepting support from white nationalists as "preposterous."

Not holding back or being one to take no for an answer, Blitzer once again brought up the issue of the alt-right and white nationalism, and Spicer lost his cool. "You've asked me eight times, the same question!," Spicer shouted to Blitzer, before adding, "I've told you what his position is. That's not his focus!"

Next up

While Donald Trump continues to deal with criticism about the alt right and his controversial cabinet picks like Bannon, as well as retired Gen. Michael Flynn, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, he still have two weeks to finalize his administration. Trump is scheduled to be sworn into office as the next commander in chief on Inauguration Day on January 20.