The Election 2016 of Donald Trump on Tuesday night proved to be the most shocking ending to the most controversial presidential race in American history. With Trump's victory also comes uncertainty, as one of his core messages is being acted out on in the streets of America following his victory.

Rage politics

When Trump announced his candidacy for president last June, he did so by referring to illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers." Since that time, Trump has been labeled a "racist," "misogynist," "Islamophobic," and a "bigot" by his critics, while his core base of white conservatives cheer on his vision for the country.

In the aftermath of election night, Democratic and liberal voters have been shaken to the core, expressing their feelings on social media and by taking to the streets in the form of massive protests. Chants of "Not My President" have echoed during the protests and on social media, and many on the American left refuse to accept that Trump came out on top. As reported by The New York Times on November 10, their fear is starting to become a reality.

At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Wednesday, a Muslim student reported that she was attacked by two white males wearing pro-Trump hats. She was allegedly hit with a metal object, causing her to fall to the ground, where she had had her wallet stolen and her hijab ripped off of her head.

The local authorities didn't comment further on the attack, but did confirm that the report has been made. A similar incident took place at San Diego State University where police are currently investing a hate crime. Another female student was approached by a white male and a Hispanics male, where they allegedly harassed her about Trump's Muslim plans, before robbing her.

As reported by Raw Story, students returned to class at Maple Grove High School in Minnisota Wednesday morning only to see that parts of their school had been vandalized.

Bathroom stalls were covered in racist graffiti, as messages of "F**k N***ers" were written on the top of a door. Below the first message, the vandals wrote "Whites Only" and "White American," along with "Trump" scrolled across the bottom.

Moving forward

Trump's candidacy has given a voice to a portion of his voting base that is white and angry. Some of Trump's policies have been criticized as being racist against minorities, including his views on immigration and his proposed ban on Muslims. Trump will officially become president on January 22, but will first head to court on November 28 on charges of fraud and racketeering in regards to the Trump University Trial

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