It was another day on the campus of Ohio State University when an attacker plowed through a crowd in a car, before getting out and attacking them with a knife. When it was revealed that the attacker was of Somali decent, #Donald Trump supporters were quick to respond.

Ohio State attack

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, the issue of foreign refugees often created headlines. Donald Trump pushed for a ban on refugee immigration, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called for a more relaxed approach. On Monday afternoon, the issue of refugees was back as a major hot topic. According to the most recent reports from NBC News' Pete Williams on November 28, the attacker has been identified as 23-year-old #Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somalia refugee who had gained permanent residency in the United States after entering the country in 2014.

It's unknown as of press time if Abdul Razak Ali Artan was enrolled at Ohio State University. As seen on various Twitter feeds, the story has gone viral as Trump supporters have celebrated the fact that the attack was an apparent Muslim refugee.

"You insisted Ohio take in Somali Muslims @JohnKasich knowing the inevitable terrorism they'd bring," Jared Wyand tweeted, described as the "Nationalist founder of ProjectPruge," before adding "Ohio State University is on you." Another tweet from a Trump supporter read, "Do you know what stops a knife-wielding terrorist? A gun." An additional tweet from a user with a Pepe Icon, a popular symbol used by the alt-right, noted, "Remember that Somali migrant who turned out to be a productive member of western society? Yeah, me neither."

MSM call out

Follow-up tweets called for the mainstream media to say the attacker's name, alluding to more liberal media allegedly protecting Muslim attackers in the past.

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"Abdul Artan. The #Somali refugee on killing spree today at Ohio State University," the tweet read, coming from a user known as "Deplorable Grn Str," while adding, "Say his name, MSM. Abdul Artan."

Subtle jabs

Others took a more subtle or sarcastic approach. "OSU attacker 'a Somali refugee who lived near campus, NBC News reported... a legal permanent resident of the U.S.' conservative author Ann Coulter tweeted, while using the hashtag "#diversityisbeautiful." Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro also shared his thoughts, tweeting, "Somali Refugee Stabs Students, Left Blames Guns."

Donald Trump has not yet responded to the news that the attacker was a Somali refugee, though it's expected that a statement will be coming by the end of the night.

Trump has been known to push for a Muslim immigration ban, and it's unknown if the latest attack will impact his stance on the issue.