The 2016 presidential election will go down as one of the most controversial in recent memory. Following the entrance of Donald Trump into the race, anything seemed possible.

Trump staffer busted

Over the course of the last year and a half, almost every night there was a new story that grabbed the headlines. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, news and information traveled quickly, and politics was one of the hottest topics to trend. While Donald Trump himself was the one who so often dominated the news cycle, a story out of the state of Michigan took some of that attention on Wednesday night.

As originally reported by the Grand Haven Tribune, and later Raw Story, on November 30, a Trump staffer in the state faces up to five years in jail.

Brandon Hall worked on the Donald Trump campaign in Michigan but is now facing potential hard time after being convicted on 10 counts of felony election fraud. Hall, the 27-year-old "political junkie" was accused, and now convicted, of falsely signing other people's names back in 2012 in support of a local judicial candidate named Chris Houtalin.

Susan J. Demas, editor of Inside Michigan Politics, confirmed the news on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. "Brandon Hall of the Michigan Trump campaign was just convicted of 10 of 10 counts of election fraud," Demas tweeted.

Hall's actions were originally ruled a misdemeanor by the Michigan Court of Appeals, but was reversed by the Michigan Supreme Court on Wednesday.

According to the office of the Attorney General, "Hall intended to defraud election canvassers when he forged the signatures while riding in the back seat of a local attorney"s car on the way to Lansing to turn in candidacy petitions." Hall later admitted that he was often short on signatures, and pulled random names from a phone book to fill in the gaps.

As tweeted by Susan J.

Demas, Brandon Hall currently runs the West Michigan Politics blog, while also noting that he attempted a run at a local House seat this year as a Republican. As written by the Grand Haven Tribune, following Hall's conviction, it is "now likely he will be charged with felonies.

Ironic turn of events

Earlier this week, Jill Stein of the Green Party filed for a national recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania after reports of alleged election hacking. Despite Donald Trump pushing back at those allegations, and promoting some of his own, it appears that a former member of his own team actually had experience taking part in election fraud.

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