President-elect #Donald Trump says he’s “making progress” in trying to convince air conditioning company Carrier Corp. to keep an Indiana manufacturing plant open, instead of closing it, laying off more than 1,000 people and having the work done in Mexico.

Tweeting from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florda on Thanksgiving Day, Trump said he was working with the company about the planned closure, and that he would soon have word about the talks. In response to Trump’s tweet, the Connecticut-based company acknowledged the talks, but said it had no news to report.

Carrier said work in Indiana plant would be done in Mexico

Earlier this year, Carrier had announced that it would be closing a plant in Westside, Indiana and having the work done at a plant in Monterey, Mexico instead.

The move would put 1,400 people out of work, while also causing scores of other job losses across Indiana.

In response to Trump’s tweet, the Connecticut-based company acknowledged the talks, but said it had no news to report.

Closure announcement went viral

The announcement of the plant closure back in February was video recorded and showed a large crowd of people that had been called to a gathering, shocked, saddened and booing as they were being told they would be losing their jobs.

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The recording went viral when it was shared on the internet, generating millions of views in just a few days.

During his race to gain the Republican nomination for president and then in a hard fought and a rather nasty campaign against Hillary Clinton, Trump had constantly railed about trade deals that allowed U.S. companies to ship jobs to Mexico, China and other foreign countries.

During campaign Trump cited Carrier's layoff plans

He frequently cited Carrier’s plans to close its plant, warning he would levy heavy taxes on Carrier, its parent company United Technologies, and other companies that lay off American workers in favor of having the work done by cheaper foreign labor. Trump’s promises about preserving U.S. jobs and the promises' appeal to blue collar workers, is credited with his victories in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other manufacturing states, and subsequently his surprising win in becoming president. .

Just last week Trump had claimed that he had also saved jobs in Kentucky by saying he had convinced Ford Motor Co.

from shifting work from its plant in Louisville to Mexico. After Trump tweeted that he “had worked hard” to keep the plant in Kentucky open, Ford put out a statement confirming that it would continue to have a small Lincoln SUV it makes assembled at the Kentucky factory, instead of in Mexico. Though because of other vehicles Ford makes at the plant, there’s some debate if the automaker was actually planning layoffs at the facility. #Ford Motor Co. #Election 2016