Adding to the disturbancesthat have occurred at thepreviousTrump campaign rallies in Dayton, Ohio in Marchand Las Vegas, Nevada in June, on November 5 while delivering his speech in Reno, Nevada, the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was quickly rushed off stage.

What happened to cause this?

“When we win the election on Tuesday, you will finally have a government on your side, fighting for your community, and protecting your family, by the way, folks, while we're at it, great...” is what Donald Trump was saying at his speech Saturday night when two Secret Service agents grabbed himand rapidly pushed him towards the exit off stage.

As individuals were running out of the rally, more Secret Service agents jumped off of the podium into the front of the crowdfor an unidentified reason. Shortly after, an individual was being escorted in handcuffs by authorities. It was soon learned thatthe cause of this was someone within the crowd of Trump supporters shouted “Gun!” after a man later identified as Austyn Crites raised his sign that stated ‘Republicans Against Trump.'

Interview with Crites

Criteswas detained and searched inside a room of Reno police officers, SWAT officers, and Secret Service agents where no weapons were found. After he was released, Crites gaveinformation about howthe upheaval began. In his interview he said, “I’m a Republican, and I’ve been supporting Republican candidates for quite sometime.

I just don’t support Donald Trump.” He then went on by saying, “Even though a lot of the things that he says may resonate with a lot of people, and a lot of the supporters, you know I agree with them on many, many different issues, but I just believe that he’s very dangerous for the country.” He explained that after he raised his sign, he was being attacked and beaten before someone yelled something about a gun, leading to Trump being rapidly pushed off stage.

There has been no charges against Crites.

Trump’s return to the stage

Shortly after this incident, Trump returned to the stage to finish up his speech. He sincerely thanked the Secret Service for their immediate response to the threats that surfaced at his campaign rally. No weapons were found on anyone within the crowd.

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