Early Saturday morning it was announced that the former leader of #Cuba, #Fidel Castro, had died. Hours after the announcement was made, President-elect #Donald Trump responded, and did so in typical fashion.

Trump on Castro

Fidel Castro made a name for himself in 1959 as he led the Cuban Revolution by overthrowing then dictator Fulgencio Batista. After Batista fled Cuba, Castro would turn the country Communist, resulting in a mixed legacy for one of the most complex individuals in recent history. Castro would remain a thorn in the side of the United States, clashing with over a half dozen presidents over the next 50 years, while being able to dodge multiple assassinations attempts in the process.

As seen on his offical Twitter account on November 26, Donald Trump spoke out about Castro's death, and kept it short and sweet.

"Fidel Castro is dead!," Trump tweeted out shortly after 8:00 a.m. local time. The reaction to Trump's tweet was as expected, with some agreeing with the billionaire real estate mogul's comment, and others pushing back, going as far as calling him a "fraud." After it was announced that the former leader had died, some mourned his death, while others celebrated in the streets.

U.S. reacts

Other reaction in the United States was mixed. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and Cuban-American, released a statement, and referred to Castro as an "evil, murderous dictator." "Over six decades, millions of Cubans were forced to flee their own country," Rubio said, before adding "those accused of opposing the regime were routinely jailed and even killed."

President Obama offered a "hand of friendship" to the Cuban people, while saying that history will be the one who judges Castro's "enormous impact." "As they do, the Cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner in the United States of America," Obama said in a statement.

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Future relationship

Castro's death mixed with Trump's incoming administration now leaves even more unanswered questions as to the relationship because the United States and Cuba. After Obama attempted to normalize relations with the country and President Raul Castro, including working to lift the Cuban embargo, Trump has gone on record that he is against the idea.