Tens of thousands of United States citizens took to public spaces across their towns and cities to publicly display their shock, amazement and disappointment following the news of Republican candidate Donald Trump's victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Major U.S. cities such as New York, Nashville, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver and Seattle, in addition to many smaller collegiate and university communities witnessed wide-ranging acts of public outrage, mourning, protest and expression in opposition to President Trump.

Many of these events have been described as peaceful in character despite a great deal of public displays is opposition to Donald Trump, his policies and the threat his rhetoric has represented to many of varying identity statuses and demographics.

Donald Trump victory generates national civil disobedience

Colourful slogans, activist art and political demonstrations of varying magnitudes have been reported to additionally be coloured by reports of violence from and against civil authorities and the citizens choosing to gather in public spaces. For the most part, it seems, citizens were allowed to express themselves around authorities who tried desperately to maintain order. Nonetheless, at this time it is unclear just how many may have been arrested nationally or what exact levels of confrontational violence coloured each of these gatherings

In Oakland, California agitated crowds of as many as 7,000 have been reported by the Oakland Police Department to have gathered throughout the day at various locations around the city.

Though these events were largely peaceful gatherings of outrage and mourning, police have suggested that as Wednesday, November 9th carried on, smaller and more violent clashes did transpire. Crowds have been reported to block traffic, burn fires, damage store fronts and clash dramatically with police in full riot gear.

One officer on the Oakland Police force has been reported to have sustained an injury during the days events and many have suggested the use of tear gas in response to small groups hurling rocks, bottles, fireworks, M-80s and Molotov cocktails.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf issued the following statement in response to the days events: “The best way to protest this election is to show that Oakland comes together and does not fall apart...

Show that diverse, progressive cities like ours work and remain committed to social justice."

Victory by Donald Trump remains threatening to many Americans

It is clear that many in the United States do not affirm the United State's President-elect Donald Trump and feel a great deal of emotions in response to the news of his victory. Across Trump's campaign incendiary statements targeted at all kinds of unique identity statuses have fueled concerns about the future of American justice. For many choosing to gather to oppose racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobic posturing remains a central expression of American liberty. The United States election has again seen a result which relies on the Electoral College and which stands in opposition to the popular vote.

This in combination with the many challenging statements made by then Republican candidate Donald Trump have fueled concerns which are unlikely to pass easily. Nonetheless, at this time, no one is exactly sure what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for the culture of democracy and social justice which many hold to be such central American ideals.

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