#Donald Trump's Twitter feed is his line of communication to America, it's a way for him to say anything he wants in his own words and it gets to the public immediately. While he stayed rather tame on Twitter leading up to and immediately following the election, he's back to saying what he thinks today in no uncertain terms!

Concerns about Trump going a word too far popped up as the election came down to the the last few weeks and Trump's handlers put a lid on his tweets, but today his fingers are back doing the talking once again. He's back on Twitter just in time to make his first and second pre-executive orders and that would be...

"Apologize" and "Apologize." Instead of these orders being fired off to Washington's top dogs, they are aimed at the cast of "Hamilton" for their treatment of Mike Pence.


Thanks to Twitter it is easy to see that Trump is peeved over the reception his vice president elect was given at the musical "Hamilton" Friday night in New York City. Despite being knee-deep in rounding up his administration, Trump stopped to lightly scold the cast of the play and ask that they apologize to Mike Pence. That was in Saturday morning's tweet and his request was ignored.

It had to be embarrassing for Pence to go to the theater with his family just to hear the audience and cast react so unkindly to his presence.

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After Trump tweeted that Pence was "harassed" by the cast of "Hamilton" last night, the creator of "Hamilton" sent out his own tweet, which is seen below.

Many joined Trump in his discontentment over Pence being treated so rudely. A call to "Boycott Hamilton" is building steam across the social media sites today. Some people thanked the cast of the Hamilton for speaking out and saying what they believed was something that needed to be said. And then there were some who used a bit of sarcasm to make a point. Like the person below who tweeted a thank you and then slammed the creator for the incident.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, you can see that Trump's angst is brewing as the people from Hamilton have still not issued an apology to Pence.

Instead of an apology they've turned it around calling it a "conversation" between the cast and Pence while defending their actions. Considering Pence didn't say a word, that was not a conversation between two sides. Trump's tweet takes on an attacking tone today as he slams the play, as seen in the tweet below.

'Political smoke signal'

As Politico suggests, Trump's tweets offer an insight to his mindset these days. They call his tweets a "political smoke signal." Unlike his days on the campaign trial when Trump would show up in front of a microphone via TV every hour or so, he's barely heard from these days. In the days after he won the election he had a brief press conference at the White House then the "60 Minutes" gig he did last weekend and that was it.

Slowly but surely

While Trump's not doling out his tweets at a rocket's pace, like he did at one time, he's still doling them out. Politico suggests that the tweets, which number a few dozen since he won the election, are mostly written by Trump himself. The ones sent from an Android device in particular are thought to be sent by Trump's own hands. His latest tweet on Sunday morning is an indication that he is gearing up and still looking for that apology for his vice-president elect, Mike Pence.