Ever since Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, he was able to connect with millions of Americans through his use of Twitter and other social media platforms. Now that he will soon become the next President of the United States, Trump is starting to worry.

Trump's trouble

For over 18 months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump would constantly come under-fire for his constant use of his Twitter account. The billionaire real estate mogul would often use social media to take cheap shots at his political opponents, while also being accused of attacking various minorities groups in the process.

Trump has close to 15 million followers on Twitter, with his Facebook page also very active. According to a report in The New York Times on November 19, the president-elect is starting to panic.

When a candidate is officially sworn in as president, their lives change drastically. One area that has the biggest impact is dealing with communication to the outside world.

Trump is reportedly worried about how the "constraints of the White House" will affect him. As the New York Times explains; "He is worried, his aides say, that he will not be able to keep his Android phone once he gets to the White House." The New York Times elaborates further, noting that Trump is worried that he will become "isolated" and not be able to speak to his friends.

Trump's Twitter use became such a major issue that his campaign aides were forced to ban him from using his cell phone in the days leading up to Election Day out of fear he might go off message.

Trump was given his Twitter privilege back after the election, and has made controversial tweets ever since, including lashing out at the cast of the musical "Hamilton," and defending himself after settling in the Trump University fraud case.

Moving forward

Regardless of how his cell phone and Twitter usage changes, or doesn't change, while in the White House, the billionaire real estate mogul has just under two months to finalize his cabinet.

Trump will be sworn in on Inauguration Day on January 20 and officially become the commander in chief and leader of the free world.

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