When #Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, his controversial campaign style split the Republican Party. #Mitt Romney, the 2008 Republican nominee, had been one of Trump's most outspoken critics, but now could find himself in the administration as #Secretary of State.

Romney, say I'm sorry

Last March, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney addressed a crowd at the Hinckley Institute in Utah and ripped into then Repubican candidate Donald Trump. Romney referred to the billionaire real estate mogul as a "fraud," whose policies would cause the United States to "sink into prolonged recession." "A business genius he is not," Romney said of Trump, while claiming "his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them." These comments have raised questions since Romney is now up for consideration for the job as Secretary of State, which would put the former governor in charge of implementing Trump's foreign policy.

As reported by The Hill on November 25, Trump has given Romney an ultimatum if he wants the job.

According to a member of Trump's transition team, Mitt Romney could take the job as Secretary of State, but he would have to make a public apology for the disparaging words he said about the former host of "The Appreciate." Fox News' Ed Henry broke the story early Friday morning.

In addition to Romney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is also at the top of the short list, as the two candidates are considered the finalists.

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Giuliani has come under fire in recent weeks, as his controversial ties to foreign countries, including his lobbying to get an Iranian terrorist group of a watch list, were exposed. If Romney does offer the apology and is selected, it would go against his previous remarks about Trump's views on foreign policy. "When it comes to foreign policy he (Trump) is very, very not smart," Romney told the Hinckley Institute.

Moving forward

Regardless of who is picked for Secretary of State, Donald Trump has left many on guard with his willingness to side with Vladimir Putin and Russia along side Assad in the Syrian War. The change would mark a dramatic shift in focus, and would align the United States on the opposite side of its current allies in the region, like Saudi Arabia and Turkey.